HIAG combines an extensive land bank with longterm- oriented site development and property rental activity. HIAG’s business model covers the entire real estate value creation chain and creates longterm growth with stable income beyond the existing portfolio. Tenants, shareholders, employees and partners, political communities and society as awhole benefit from the synergies resulting from the combination of its business areas, now and for future generations. Since HIAG is active neither in construction nor construction-related industries and does not hold any participations in this type of company, independence and transparency are guaranteed when it comes to contracts. They are awarded exclusively on the basis of factual, strategic and economic criteria.

Corporate culture
HIAG combines the strengths of a family-owned company with the financial clout of a listed company. It boasts a client-oriented company culture characterised by trust, mutual respect, transparency and dialogue, and the promotion of knowledge and innovation is the core focus of this culture. Lean structures with short decision- making paths and the considerable autonomy of employees support HIAG’s operative excellence and high process quality.

Management structure
HIAG’s sites are different with regard to their integration in macro and microlocations, historical background, anchor tenants, mix of uses and development phase. The organisation must also keep up with challenges as site redevelopment progresses. HIAG focuses on direct and personal contact with anchor tenants, the local authorities and other stakeholders at all times. The responsible site developers, the head of portfolio management and the asset and portfolio managers carry out this role across the entire portfolio. They steer local redevelopment processes, take advantage of their experience and apply their know-how from processes in order to bring the entrepreneurial vision of each individual redevelopment into focus. They exchange their experiences in particular with regard to concepts for use, positioning, services to liven up a quarter and know-how to efficiently and effectively manage building projects. To ensure maximum impact of the network effect, the Executive Board also provides strategic momentum for redevelopment processes throughout the entire portfolio.

Sustainable “land bank”
Based on land surface area measurements of 2.7 million m² at more than 40 locations in Switzerland, HIAG has one of the largest real estate portfolio of any real estate company listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Over 92% of the HIAG real estate portfolio is located in core market regions of Switzerland in the economic catchment areas of Baden/Brugg, Zurich/Zug, in Northwestern Switzerland and Geneva. HIAG’s goal is to extend the project pipeline over several generations in areas where HIAG sees long-term development potential. Acquisitions are made in a targeted manner to optimise portfolio quality. Small sites where there is potential for subsequent densification are also looked at. This unique “land bank” offers potential that HIAG continuously takes advantage of by transforming interim uses into redevelopment projects. Active management and continuous expansion of the real estate portfolio ensure long-term, stable value creation. HIAG has its own property management team, which manages a substantial portion of the portfolio. It also occasionally works with local and regional property managers.

Site redevelopment, leasing and infrastructure recognised as value drivers
For HIAG, site redevelopment is the process by which a historical site is reoriented towards a new, very long-term cycle of use. This redevelopment process concerns buildings and site infrastructure, including motorway feeder roads and suburban railway stations, which have a significant effect on accessibility and longterm densification. Since measures that involve spatial planning take time, active management is a key component in HIAG’s business model, often including extensive phases of interim use. The revenue earned in this process is an adequate return on investment in the “land share” of future redevelopment projects, allowing solutions that go beyond the underlying framework. HIAG thus uses the time factor as a strategic lever and scales its investments in intangible assets over several gene‑ rations. In addition, HIAG increases the attractiveness of the quarters by supporting and actively shaping the development of a range of local services, and can turn investments into higher earnings due to a reduced vacancy risk. The buildings that are created not only pay interest on the corresponding construction costs, but also on the intangible value developed on the land share.

Employees as factors for success
HIAG employees live out the company culture and contribute to the overall success of the company with their high degree of specialisation. With this in mind, HIAG actively promotes training and continuing education. Between 2014 and 2019, 10 out of a total of 51 employees completed HIAG-sponsored training programmes, including multi-year study programmes and additional qualifications. At all of its sites, HIAG strives to implement reasonable work requirements, fair wages and attractive working conditions.

Added value through brand management
Consistent, value-based actions at the sites create trust in the organisation and the HIAG umbrella brand. This presence interacts with site and project brands. Site brands persist in the long term and are implemented as identity-creating elements. With their limited lifespan, project brands play an important role in the positioning and sales of sites; they also remain visible after the completion of a project. In addition, flexible communication blocks are available like a toolbox to strengthen reactivity and efficiency on all communication levels.

What makes HIAG unique

Development pipeline with an investment potential of approximately CHF 2.6 billion without further/additional acquisitions

41 sites with an average surface area of 41,000 m²

Ability to handle complex transactions

Family company with over 140 years of history

Company culture characterised by its industrial origin and the power of a listed company from a single source

HIAG’s strategy focused on long-term ownership