The year
at a glance


Start of construction of the new Weststrasse building in Wetzikon
In mid-January, construction work for the “Avellana” residence project began on Weststrasse in Wetzikon (ZH).
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Approval of the “Wideneck Dornach” master plan
With the successful completion of the consultation process, which was widely supported by the Birsstadt association of municipalities, the path was clear for the partial zoning plan revision based on the “Wideneck Dornach” master plan in Dornach (SO).


Publication of the Annual Results 2018
HIAG presented the Annual Results 2018 in Zurich on 18 March 2019.


Another anchor tenant at “The Hive” campus
The electronic component manufacturer LEM chose “The Hive” technology campus in Meyrin (GE) for its new global headquarters building. The building will comprise about 7,000 m² of surface area with office space, two floors for research and development and a production unit. Delivery is planned for the third quarter of 2021.

CHF 150 million fixed-rate bond issued
HIAG Immobilien Holding AG successfully issued a fixed-rate bond for CHF 150 million with a coupon of 0.875% and a maturity date of 2024.

HIAG General Meeting 2019
All the proposals of the Board of Directors were approved at the HIAG Immobilien Holding AG Ordinary General Meeting on 11 April 2019. Among other things, the real estate entrepreneur Balz Halter was chosen as a new member of the Board of Directors. He succeeded John Manser, who left the board after reaching the age limit.

First e-sports tournament at the Papieri site
At the end of April 2019, the first e-sports tournament in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate category took place at the Papieri site in Biberist (SO). The tournament was sold out and was watched primarily online by over 800 spectators.


HIAG rounds out the “Porte Sud” site in Geneva
With the acquisition of Jaeger et Bosshard SA, HIAG rounded out its site at the “Porte Sud” development area in the Lancy part of Geneva. As the largest private owner, HIAG holds a total surface area of 13,362 m² at the “Porte Sud”, which was connected to the Geneva-Annemasse (F) rail line via the Lancy Bachet railway station at the end of 2019.

Building permit for the “DOKA” office building
The municipality of Niederhasli (ZH) issued the building permit for the new “DOKA” office building, which will offer attractive workspace and training and exhibition space for Doka Schweiz AG over approximately 3,000 m² of usable area.
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HIAG appoints a new CEO
The HIAG Immobilien Holding AG Board of Directors appointed the real estate expert Marco Feusi MRICS as the new CEO starting from the beginning of 2020. The graduate architect HTL and business expert will replace the long-standing CEO Martin Durchschlag, who left the company in 2019.

Dismantling work on paper machine PM 8 completed
With the last paper machine having been dismantled according to plan, the long-term development of the Papieri site in Biberist (SO) can now be tackled.


Stegenmühle site in Wetzikon renovated
After 14 months of construction work, the reno- vation of the protected historic Stegenmühle site in Wetzikon (ZH) was completed. The property was added to the cantonal inventory of buildings worthy of protection shortly before the beginning of construction. It comprises nine maisonettestyle rental units.

“Les Cadolles” becomes a commercial centre
After the inauguration of a Migros and Denner subsidiary in May, the offering at the HIAG site “Les Cadolles” in Neuchâtel was expanded with a pharmacy in mid-July.
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HIAG launches development in Pratteln
Following the bankruptcy of Rohner AG, HIAG tackled the dismantling of the production infrastructure and the clean-up of the central site in Pratteln (BL). The development has therefore been launched about 15 years before the planned date.

Topping-out ceremony at Stadler Rail in St. Margrethen
The topping-out ceremony for the new Stadler competence centre for double-decker trains took place at the end of August 2019 in St. Margrethen (SG). The first 40 employees started producing new trains at the end of September. The other production halls will be moved into gradually by mid-2020.

HIAG rounds out the Papieri site in Biberist
With the acquisition of the Energie Biberist AG (EBAG) site, HIAG expanded the Papieri site by 9,907 m².


Publication of the Half-Year Results 2019
On 2 September 2019, HIAG explained the Half-Year Results 2019 during a live webcast.

Annual Report 2018 selected HIAG’s
Annual Report 2018 once again earned a top award from the Swiss Annual Report Rating with second place in the Design (Print and Online) category.

Groundbreaking of the Luigia Academy at “The Hive”
The groundbreaking ceremony for the Luigia Academy took place in the presence of political and business guests at “The Hive” site in Meyrin (GE). The 700 m² pavilion in a lush area on the campus is home to a Luigia restaurant and the first Luigia training centre. It is expected to open in 2020.
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HIAG delivers the first building phase to DOKA Switzerland
At the beginning of September 2019, an approximately 2,300 m² commercial and storage hall and a large part of the 20,000 m² outdoor warehouse were handed over to the tenant DOKA Schweiz AG in Niederhasli (ZH). The first building phase was thus completed on schedule.

Opening of the Spitzmatt residence in Windisch
In mid-September 2019, the Faro Foundation’s Spitzmatt residence opened with a celebration at the Kunzareal site in Unterwindisch (AG). After the army moved out of the former recruiting centre, HIAG came up with a concept that offers a new home for around 50 people with very challenging behaviour.

HIAG acquires FCA Switzerland SA site
The 7,807 m² site in the five-story residential zone of the up-and-coming Zurich district of Altstetten will enable high-quality development with a total of around 16,000 m² of floor space. With this acquisition, HIAG has gained an attractive development site where up to 150 apartments and 2,200 m² for commercial use will be created in the medium term.


HIAG rounds out the Reichhold site in Hausen/Lupfig
After the August completion of the clean-up of the Reichhold site located half in Hausen and half in Lupfig (AG), HIAG rounded out the site located directly on the A3 motorway with a land acquisition from Caravan Arar GmbH. With a total surface area of 64,000 m², the site is one of canton Aargau’s high-tech development priorities.

Annual Report wins the EPRA Silver Award
HIAG won the prestigious EPRA Silver Award for transparent financial reporting in the business year 2018 according to the EPRA Best Practice Recommendations (BPR).

Regus site presented at “The Hive”
In mid-October 2019, Regus, which belongs to the IWG Group, was presented with the new offering at “The Hive 1” campus in Meyrin (GE). The new IWG site in the renovated “The Hive 1” building offers a large selection of professional workspaces over 1,000 m², including an attractive co-working and services offering.

Opening of a fitness centre at the Papieri site
The “Athletgym” fitness centre opened its doors at the Papieri site in Biberist (SO) in October. The fully air-conditioned centre offers about 140 workout stations with over 1,000 m² of surface area and will considerably increase traffic to the site.


Topping-out ceremony of the “Avellana” residential building project
The topping-out ceremony for the “Avellana” residence project took place in Weststrasse in Wetzikon (ZH). The marketing launch of the new building with 17 high quality 2.5 to 5.5-room rental units with large private outdoor areas is scheduled for the beginning of 2020.

Pre-opening of “The Hive Innovation Lab”
The pre-opening of “The Hive Innovation Lab” took place in collaboration with the EPFL Innovation Park in Meyrin (GE). “The Hive Innovation Lab” is a concept developed by HPE and HIAG that offers room for interdisciplinary cooperation and innovation with a flexible, interconnected and attractive ecosystem for start-ups.
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“Walzmühle” gets its own bus stop
After the offices and workshops were delivered in the course of 2019 and the first loft apartments were handed over to tenants in October, the Walzmühle site was connected to the Frauenfeld (TG) city bus network with its own bus stop at the beginning of December. In addition to workspaces, loft houses and loft apartments, the Walzmühle site also has a bakery with a café.

New commercial hall for Brugg Rohrsystem
In December 2019, the construction of an additional commercial hall was launched for Brugg Rohrsystem AG. In cooperation with the long-term tenant, HIAG is building a 2,250 m2 commercial hall at the industrial park in Kleindöttingen (AG). The property, which will house the winding process, will be ready for use in the autumn of 2020.

Start of construction for a production building in Goldach
The groundbreaking for an additional production building on behalf of the tenant Amcor Flexibles Rorschach AG took place in Goldach (SG). Delivery of the new production building is planned for the autumn of 2020.
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Marketing partnership for IT infrastructure
After the termination of its own multi-cloud platform project, HIAG agreed to jointly market and operate the remaining IT infrastructure with the Ticino-based Tarchini Group and the Zug-based IT infrastructure specialist Beelastic.